Monthly Archives: April 2023

The reasons Microsoft Intune is the industry leader in unified endpoint management

Mobile devices are now using workplace networks and data more frequently. Regardless of how sensitive data is accessed, organizations need to keep track of endpoints and protect it.   Modern work is completely mobile and no longer restricted to workstations. More employees than ever before use remote access to access company networks and data.  …
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Practical Security: Aiming for Zero Trust

Zero trust security designs are also valid. Implementing zero trust in the world is a bother, frequently uncomfortable, and awkward—not to mention costly. At the same time, edging closer to a zero trust model dramatically hardens your network, and you might already have many of the tools and methods you require without spending a lot…
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Teams captions video chat messages

creation of captions automatically for team video messages   Microsoft announced in September 2022 that Teams chat would include sending video messages. If the Teams messaging policy assigned to their accounts permits video messages, users will be able to transmit video snippets up to one minute long to participants in Teams private or group conversations…
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