Managed IT Services,Why are important ?

Managed IT services is a solution offered by an IT service company that integrates IT support for a monthly fixed charge with IT workstation and network proactive monitoring.

 Managed IT Services, important Why are?

It aligns the outcomes of the organization. An IT company is encouraged to do a very good job; they want your organization to minimize problems because they have KPIs directly linked to your IT efficiency.

You are being given peace of mind by IT experts. You are no expert in IT. Managed service providers look after your IT so you can concentrate on running your business.

Proactive support. Proactive support is provided by the managed services. And instead of continually solving bugs with the IT company, they'll simply try to find issues before they emerge, holding the networks up and down.

Strategic IT planning process. Within 12 or 24 months, which IT systems do you need? Run resources help you think ahead and provide recommendations from an IT team about what you need to plan. This leads to diligent help and ensuring you are installing and maintaining the IT systems and applications to reduce risks such as failures, bugs and crashes.

 Challenges for managed IT services

Below are some of the obstacles you need to be conscious of when trying to move to a managed service structure.

Holding providers accountable. The reason you're going with managed services is that you want to increase your operating efficiency and reduce the number of IT issues or roadblocks that impact your team. You need to keep providers accountable to make sure they are making these changes. Many companies can have accurate reports so that you can see just how much work they are doing for you and how much quality and productivity enhancement they are providing.

Getting strategic IT planning. Getting ambitious IT planning right now. Any strategic IT preparation will be given to you as part of a managed service contract. If you don't get this part, you may fail to see the benefits of a managed services contract. Make sure your IT firm plans proactively for the next 12 or 24 months and has policies in place to develop The infrastructure and update apps.


Finding a company that has a strong track record. You need to test the provider's track record before entering into a contract. We will be able to show a track record of successful service delivery and tangible results. Consult the references before you commit, and ask what customers they have, and whether they have experience working with companies like yours.

 Three keys to the effective implementation of managed IT services

There are a host of decisions that the company has to take before switching to a managed IT services contract. Below are a couple of things to remember.

  • Review the overall IT costs to evaluate the true IT costs of your company. 
  • Identify possible providers; request an audit of the existing systems. 
  • Select a supplier of managed services and full on-boarding with the company

 Review the overall IT costs to evaluate the true IT costs of your company.

The first step in switching to managed services is to conduct the overall cost of an IT study. 

That is a estimate of what you are actually paying for The help, combined with accounting for the expense of missed productivity and downtime that you might face.

A easy way to measure this is to look at the overall expense of the employee wages inside the company; then think how much the inefficiency affects the corporation every day. It may be as basic as 20 minutes a day due to inefficient systems, but those minutes add up fast.

You can measure downtime, too. Are you down every month for three hours? How much is it worth to your company for the hourly pay of your team?

 Identify possible providers; request an audit of the existing systems. 

After you've completed the total cost of the IT study, it's time to pick a range of managed IT service providers. This method is usually about choosing a organization in which you feel confident working, which has a track record of performance and is familiar with your industry and the criteria that go along with it.

You should ask for an IT audit. This is usually very invasive and would require an IT specialist conducting a thorough analysis of the entire IT infrastructure, applications and systems. It can normally be handled on-site or remotely.

 Select a supplier of managed services and full on-boarding with the company

When choosing a supplier, make sure the criteria are met. Sometimes, if you judge solely on a cost basis, you will not be able to find the right partner. Remember that IT now plays a huge role in the entire company. It's important to work with someone who has your best interests in mind and can provide a proactive service that produces results.

Will they be able to help you increase your IT efficiency? 

Does that increase efficiency and reduce downtime? 

These are the questions that you need to pose when assessing providers.

The on-boarding process is the final step. This is about making security improvements to ensure that the systems are no longer open to the incumbent IT company. There could be some remediation work required to get the site up to the standard of best practice.

 Sereno Managed IT Services Solutions

Are you talking of switching to a managed services contract? 

We have experience helping companies make the transition and helping them see the advantages of increased efficiency, better profitability and reduced downtime.

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