Top 4 Reasons To Use Nutanix Era To Manage Databases


Database administration used to be a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive process that required many solutions and a lot of storage and computing power. As a result, businesses frequently experienced inconsistency in performance and expense increases.


The narrative is a little different for today's businesses. Modern solutions are designed with efficiency and simplicity in mind, and they frequently incorporate aspects of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to decrease IT workload.


Nutanix Era is a solution that can assist businesses that employ public, private, or hybrid cloud environments. Continue reading to uncover our top four reasons why Nutanix Era is a good fit for your company.



🟩 Nutanix Era makes provisioning easier.

Nutanix Era streamlines operations by extending the management solution across clouds and clusters as a cloud agnostic multi-database management solution. Management is centrally centralized and gives extra insight across databases with a single easy database management control plane for public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments. This enables database managers to apply best practices to all database types, eliminating the need for nonstandard provisioning. Nutanix Era eliminates the need for manual, error-prone, and time-consuming activities, allowing IT to focus on more complex and innovative initiatives.


Nutanix Era enhanced the speed of database provisioning by 97 percent for the sample company used in the research, according to a new Forrester Total Economic Impact assessment. Database administrator and developer productivity increased as a result of the decrease in time from two weeks to only hours.


Database managers may expect a 50 percent decrease in monthly overtime hours as a result of this enhanced productivity, resulting in compounding cost savings for the company.



🟩 Nutanix Era allows for easy transfer.


According to the Forrester research, Nutanix Era, which is based on the Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure platform (HCI) and has a scalable node topology, allows for smooth migration. Database administrators may quickly switch nodes in and out as needed, avoiding the requirement for a big, labor-intensive refresh operation to be completed all at once.



3. Simple lifecycle management

In terms of backup and recovery, Nutanix Era allows businesses to back up and restore databases across clouds in minutes, with point-in-time granularity. With Nutanix Era, businesses can also backup once every 30 minutes, which is unheard of with traditional systems with higher storage needs.


According to Forrester, Nutanix Era decreases the amount of storage required for database clones by up to 60% when compared to earlier solutions.



4. Compared to the competitors, Nutanix Era delivers more cost reductions. 

Let's speak about the financial benefits of switching to Nutanix Era. We've talked about the different operational benefits that companies will realize when they transition to Nutanix Era.


In the case of database provisioning, the enhanced speed and efficiency for database administrators is worth more than $371,000 over three years for the report's sample business. In the research done by Forrester, the savings from simplified database administration are worth more than $119,000 over the same period, and the reduced overtime hours are worth more than $119,000 during the same period.


Cost reductions are also possible due to the decreased storage needs and greater simplicity of lifecycle management. According to Forrester Research, reducing storage requirements may save businesses up to $800 every terabyte of storage avoided. Over the course of three years, the sample organization saved more than $4.5 million.


Once all databases have been moved to Nutanix, further cost reductions can be realized in decreased expenses associated to administrative tool sets and licensing. According to the report, this is worth more than $2.6 million to the sample organization. Additionally, the sample company received more than $1.6 million in value from Nutanix Era's automatic database patching, which reduced outage hours and the costs associated with them.


There are several more benefits of Nutanix Era that cannot be measured, such as enhanced employee user experience, which we urge you to explore.


🟦 Examine Nutanix Era in further detail.

The Nutanix Era solution combines the best of the Nutanix portfolio to automate and simplify database administration. Nutanix is a global leader in cloud software and a pioneer in HCI solutions. Nutanix Era simplifies database deployment and lifecycle management for database professionals and IT executives alike. Our trained Nutanix professionals can assist you with learning more about Nutanix Era.

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