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What is Microsoft Teams' PowerPoint Live?


The fantastic new PowerPoint Live feature in Microsoft Teams enables presenters to make presentations to distant audiences during Teams meetings. To enable more interactive and collaborative presentations, the PowerPoint Live feature now integrates with Teams.


Presently, Microsoft Teams meetings are the ideal setting for sharing PowerPoint presentations. It permits the use of Teams as a Presenter mode screen for PowerPoint slides while without obstructing any other screens.


Presenters can now select to deliver their PowerPoint presentation using PowerPoint Live when doing so in a Teams meeting. Presenters can communicate with their audience in real-time using interactive tools like live captions, chat, and reactions while using PowerPoint Live. Additionally, participants can navigate to specific slides, follow along with the presentation, and offer the presenter feedback.


Additionally, PowerPoint Live in Teams contains tools like the ability to change the background of the presentation and a laser pointer to highlight particular slides. Overall, PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams provides a more interactive and team-oriented virtual conference experience for both presenters and participants.


Using PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams has advantages


It can be challenging to present PowerPoint slides during a meeting because it will cover your screen, the Teams window, and prevent you from collaborating and talking to other users. During team meetings, PowerPoint Live offers the opportunity to share slides with coworkers and involve them in presentations.


Additionally, you are adding your PowerPoint slides to the Teams app, which is hosting the presenter mode, from OneDrive, SharePoint, or a hard drive.


Key advantages of PowerPoint Live in Teams include:


🟣Slides are not required to be shared with other speakers. The Teams app allows you to share the most recent version of Office 365 without any intermediaries.

🟣Your screen does not have to be shared. In the Teams app, presenter mode is accessible.

🟣You can interact with other users and access apps that are hidden from viewers.

🟣You can witness meeting talk, people raising their hands and giving the presentation their likes, among other things.

🟣Slides can be navigated through independently by users.

🟣Links in the presentations can be clicked by users.

🟣When your camera view is displayed within PowerPoint slides, the Cameo feature is accessible.


PowerPoint Live in Teams's limitations


The functionalities that are available in Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint Live are subject to the following restrictions:


🟡Slides can only be viewed in view mode if there are more than 1000 participants in the Teams event.

🟡Only Microsoft Edge 18 or Google Chrome 65 or later are supported by teams on the web to view the presenter view.

🟡There won't be any movies, animations, or annotations in the meeting recordings.

🟡Not all PowerPoint Live annotations will be presented by teams online.


How to use Microsoft Teams with PowerPoint Live


It's really easy to use PowerPoint live in Teams. You merely need to start Share, scroll down to the PowerPoint Live section, and choose one of the presentations you worked on in Office 365 to use PowerPoit Live.


Additionally, you will have the option of uploading the presentation from your hard drive or OneDrive.


Teams' PowerPoint Live presenter mode


For Power Point Live, Microsoft Teams has a terrific presenter mode.


🟢You have control over the presentation's management as well as extra annotation tools like a laser pointer and highlighter.

🟢It is possible to watch slides in grid view or one at a time. If your presentation has dozens of slides, this function is incredibly helpful.

🟢Users can move across slides, click links, control the presentation without owning the file, translate the slides, and do much more.


Using PowerPoint Live in Teams as a user has many advantages. You can easily build and deliver engrossing, interactive presentations. You may work with people in real-time, share your presentation, and get live feedback from your audience with PowerPoint Live. You may increase the effectiveness, success, and engagement of your meetings and presentations by utilizing PowerPoint Live in Teams.

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