Jump Start Program

Private Cloud-in-a-Box Jump Start Program


Sereno & Microsoft PCJSP Initiative overview:

  • PCJSP is Microsoft’s program to close and drive adoption of Private Cloud with Hyper-V and System Center
  • PCJSP validates respectively HW, Microsoft Software and License, professional serveries, maintenance  to provide Partners with One-stop private cloud solution 
  • Minimum upfront investment as Sereno provides OPEX model for partners
  • Partner makes the decent profits; Sereno takes up technical delivery and support

 Benefits of Sereno & Microsoft Private cloud in a box:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V
    • The Windows Server 2012 R2 hypervisor allows customers to utilize live migration, monitoring and management features. A cost-effective  platform than Vmware
  •  Windows Azure Pack
    • The Windows Azure Pack (WAP) interface enables various self-service functionalities, including Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) capabilities for Windows and Linux virtual machines (VMs), a VM template gallery, scaling options, and virtual networking capabilities.
  •  Cost Savings
    • Sereno ‘s  relationship with Microsoft greatly reduces licensing costs on Hyper-V private clouds. Save on hardware, provisioning and ongoing maintenance costs by going with virtualization over on-premises, self-hosted solutions or dedicated servers.
  •  Physical Isolation
    • By segregating cloud resources and the hypervisor from other customers, private clouds can ensure the security, integrity and availability of mission-critical information while eliminating public cloud performance concerns.
  • Fully Scalable & Customizable
    • Your managed private cloud can be scaled up or down to the exact resources you need. These environments are completely customizable, with resources such as firewall, load balancing, snapshots and images available on demand.
  •  Deployment Speed
    • Your virtual servers will be deployed within minutes of your request, allowing you to carry on with business without decelerating due to technological deficiencies.
  • Hardware Refresh
    • Sereno handles all infrastructure upgrades to your managed private cloud, ensuring you’re never left on out-of-date hardware. Dodge the costs and headaches of a hardware refresh for on-premise private clouds. Save time, money, resources – and avoid the stress that comes with emergency equipment replacement.
  •  Geo-Dispersed Data Centers
    • Utilize the benefits of having your cloud environments in multiple data centers including disaster-recovery scenarios, remote backup, dedicated failover options and more.
  •  Superior Support
    • Your managed private cloud will be supported around the clock by our in-house data center experts. Help is one phone call away at any hour, and you’ll be talking to someone with first-hand knowledge of – and immediate access to – your equipment.
  •  Basic Monitoring
    • Keep an eye on your cloud’s performance via basic server metrics on your RAM, CPU and drives. Ping testing also included.