Privacy Policy

Categories of information that we collect and who we share that information with.

We collect the first name, last name, and email address from our subscribers in order to uniquely identify each person in our database. We do not share this information with any third party with the exception of our payment processor.

When a credit or debit card is used to pay for a subscription, we additionally collect billing information to include the credit card number and expiration date, address, and phone number of the client. This information is never shared with any third party with the exception of our credit card processor.

If the customer chooses to use Paypal, Paypal may also directly request further information from each subscriber for billing purposes, such as a physical address and credit card information (or other payment method information). Paypal is governed by its own privacy policy that each renter should read when signing up for the subscription at the Paypal website and before entering any private information into a Paypal webpage. Paypal occasionally shares the physical address of a renter with us, but we do not intentionally collect or store this information from it.

Process to review and request changes to stored personally identifiable information.

At any time, customers (and anyone who has created an account in our system) may change the email address we associate with their name and current subscriptions by logging into the Control panel (available from https://www.privatecloudinabox.net) and following the instructions on the Main page under My account. Similarly, information associated with payment sources may be edited or deleted through the Payments page under My account.

Individuals may not change their last or first name, or remove their account entirely, using this method. If an individual wishes to change his or her first or last name or have his or her account purged from our database, he or she will need to contact us, from the registered email address of the account.

Process by which we notify consumers of changes to our privacy policy.

Changes to this privacy policy will be posted here and emailed directly to each individual's registered email address in our system.

Effective date.

The effective date of the current privacy policy is Sep 1, 2015.