Microsoft Power BI Pro (1 Year subscription)


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連接到數百個數據源,並通過實時儀表板和報告可視化所有數據。然後在整個組織內共享見解,以推動採取明智的行動。Power BI Pro是一項單獨的許可證,允許訪問Power BI服務中的所有內容和功能,包括共享內容和與其他Pro用戶進行協作的能力。

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促進每個角色的每個用戶之間的協作。與同事一起生成報告,並與整個組織中的其他Power BI Pro用戶共享見解。

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Do more with the Microsoft family

Deploy easily and onboard your team quickly. Power BI Pro integrates with the Microsoft solutions you already use, like Office 365, SharePoint, Excel and Teams.

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Publish and consume content anywhere

Distribute insights any time, anywhere, on any device in just a few clicks.  And when it’s time to scale, add flexibility with Power BI Premium.

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Govern securely

Manage user access and security from one central place. No more wrangling business intelligence solutions scattered throughout different teams across your organization.

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