On-boarding Service

Value Added Service - On-boarding Service

Defining the workload

  • Confirm the number and type of virtual machines are required for migration
  • To perform assessment  of the installation and functional verification of the User exiting infrastructure

Provisioning cloud resources

  • To provision the necessary resource from the portal (Server, network, storage)

Establishing a connectivity bridge

  • To build the secure and transparent bi-directional connectivity, usually through an internet VPN  between HSP and EU’s data center.

Deploying the workload

  • To configure the virtual machines, install the required OS, and connect to AD from the client if necessary.
  • Then to migrate the applications and any associated databases, software and services.

Ensuring seamless two-way access

  • To monitor the whole process of migration to ensure it is successfully.

Testing and validating

  • To test and validate the services after migration

Discontinuing the old service

  • To decommission the old service in client side.

Handover of documentation &  administrator basic briefing