Preimum China Access Solution for Overseas Public Clouds

internet acceleration for china access
china access pain point


Packet lost from China to Oversea public clouds is not stable, always over 10% packet lost, and the latency is over 100ms.

Root cause : the normal route between China and Oversea public clouds are heavily congested with high latency and packet loss



•There is no direct peering between Oversea public clouds and China Net;


•China Net is congested, network from China to oversea Oversea public clouds are bad;


•CN2 is not congested and separate from China Net;


•CT solution is forcing end user in China to go through CN2 network to access Oversea public clouds, instead of going through common ChinaNet to oversea carriers which is always congested.


China internet acceleration solution
china internet acceleration solution IPSEC approach


POC(Through IPSec VPN):


•Setup site to site VPN in AWS (Example) VPG;


•Download and send AWS VPN configuration file to CT;


•Provide VPC subnet information;


•Provide private link internal IP address.



Production(Through Direct Connect):


•Pass AWS Account ID no. to CT for creating DX virtual circuit;


•Follow the DX walk through guideline(Page 10 to 15) to configure DX in AWS


china internet acceleration solution direct connect approach