HPE Servers for Private and Hybrid Cloud

HPE PROLIANT Rack and Tower Servers - The intelligent foundation for hybrid cloud

hpe proliant servers

The Foundation for Today's Hybrid Cloud Reality

Modern IT is at the core of today’s business, helping to create new value and experiences in a world where almost everyone and everything generates and shares data. Whether on- or off-premises; bare-metal, virtualization or containers; in a public or private cloud, modern IT must comprehend the full gamut of hybrid cloud possibilities composing and deploying resources faster than ever before, leveraging a secure, common operating model to meet individual application and user requirements while maintaining visibility and control over costs, security, and governance.

Why Choose HPE Proliant Rack and Tower Servers?

HPE is committed to innovation, quality, and an excellent customer experience. Our approach to excellence in our innovation and quality is instilled across the product lifecycle, from our customer-first approach to design, to our supplier selection, quality and management, to our world-class manufacturing and rigorous product testing, to our global support services, and network of channel partners.  With HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers, you can deliver a flexible software-defined approach that is built on a foundation of intelligence beginning with the server. HPE ProLiant is that intelligent compute foundation for hybrid cloud, delivering unmatched workload optimization, security and automation, all available as-a-Service your hybrid cloud infrastructure.  The rack and tower servers are available in these families:

  • HPE ProLiant DL
  • HPE ProLiant ML
  • HPE ProLiant MicroServer

HPE ProLiant DL Family

HPE DL Gen 10

The DL family of servers are the most flexible, reliable, and performance-optimized ProLiant rack servers—ever. HPE continues to provide industry-leading compute innovations. The new HPE ProLiant Gen10 rack portfolio, with flexible choices and versatile design, along with improved energy efficiencies, ultimately lowers your TCO. Integrated with a simplified,but comprehensive management suite and industry-leading support, the ProLiant Gen10 rack portfolio delivers a more reliable, fast, and secure infrastructure solution, helps increase IT staff productivity, and accelerates service delivery. In addition, the rack portfolio is performance-optimized for multi application workloads to significantly increase the speed of IT operations and enable IT to respond to business needs of any size, faster.

The HPE ProLiant Gen10 and Gen10 Plus rack portfolio delivers:

  • Up to 61% performance increase and 27% increase in core with the new Intel Xeon Scalable processors
  • Up to 27X faster checkpoint operations enabling significantly faster business operations
  • 82% greater memory bandwidth increasing application performance for memory-intensive applications
  • 14% more processor cores for greater VM density and 33% greater memory capacity for better VM performance and price/performance using AMD EPYC™ processors
  • 9% memory speed improvement with 2nd Generation AMD EPYC processors
  • 2X greater I/O bandwidth enabled by PCIe 4
  • 2.4X greater storage capacity

HPE ProLiant ML Family

HPE ML Gen10

The ML family of servers delivers simple, efficient business value and is the ideal choice for remote or branch offices and growing businesses. Industry-leading compute innovations include simple management and storage tools, along with proven configurations that provide easy remote access and improved energy efficiencies to lower your total cost of ownership (TCO). Integrated with a simplified but comprehensive management suite and industry‑leading support, the ProLiant tower portfolio delivers more business value and helps increase IT staff productivity and expedite service delivery. In addition, the complete, right-sized tower portfolio includes financing options, IT infrastructure support options, and a channel network to significantly increase the speed of IT operations and enable IT to respond to business needs faster.

The HPE ProLiant tower portfolio delivers:

  • Up to 61% performance increase and 27% increase in core with the new Intel Xeon Scalable processors
  • Up to 82% greater memory bandwidth increasing application performance for memory‑intensive applications
  • Energy efficiency leadership with the ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Server on Windows and Linux® based benchmarks

HPE ProLiant MicroServer

hpe microserver gen10

Compact, quiet, and stylish, the HPE ProLiant MicroServer is ideal as a first solution for small businesses. With just right performance in a form factor that is easy to use and service, the MicroServer helps you drive down expenses while improving productivity and efficiency.  And best of all, you don’t need a server room to have a server.  The HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus comes with even more of the features that SMBs love. It supports Intel® Xeon® and Pentium® processors, HPE iLO 5 with HPE silicon root of trust, HPE InfoSight, and in a much smaller form factor compared to the previous generation.

The HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus provides the following benefits:

  • Up to 53% performance increase with the Intel Xeon processor
  • 4 x 1GbE embedded NIC
  • Easy to set up and service
  • Cool design, deploy horizontally or vertically, and ability to place it anywhere

Small Business Servers Purpose

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