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SerenoPRO - Managed Cloud Security Service

managed cloud security

Sereno Cloud's SerenoPRO cloud security management solution, launched as a service, is a professional team certified by industry standards such as CISSP and CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) to tailor the entire system security architecture and establish transparency including proactive application security monitoring, vulnerability assessment, and managed threat response & mitigation for public clouds like Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform.  High cloud racking, improving the effectiveness of monitoring and management, and blocking security holes consequently. At the same time, the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) architecture is used to set up operational processes.  As a result, it improves operational efficiency and enable customers to solve the shortage of talents.

SerenoPRO -as-a-Service | Cloud Security Service

It's including:

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Response, Threat Analysis
  • Application Security Monitoring with Automated Threat Intelligence Gathering
  • Managed Threat Response & Mitigation by Web Application Firewall
  • Incident Response and Threat Advisory integrated with Azure security center / AWS security hub etc.
Most importantly, we secure your
  • Service availability,
  • Performance,
  • and Security.
pain points in cloud security

Customer Challenges in Cloud Era

Regulation Challenge

- Security

- Compliance

- Data Privacy

- (CSA recommendation)

Supporting Challenge

- Technical Expertise

- Sophisticated Tools

- (OMG Cloud Management Guide)

Cost Management Challenge

- Governance and Controls

- Cost Optimization

- (Azure Cost Optimization)

Managed security service package

SerenoPRO - Cloud Managed Security Service

SerenoPRO - Premium

Fully Managed Cloud Service Package by Certified Professionals

  • Included Essential & Essential Plus Features plus followings:
  • 24 x 7 Application Security Monitoring with Automated Threat Intelligence Gathering
  • 24 x 7 Managed Threat Response & Mitigation by Web Application Firewall
  • 24 x 7 Incident Response and Threat Advisory integrated with Azure security center, AWS security hub etc.


SerenoPRO Cloud Security Service Component - Cloud Service Monitoring

proactive cloud security monitoring for azure, aws, gcp

SerenoPRO Cloud Security Service Component - Security Systems Connectivity

threat tools and systems for azure, aws, gcp

SerenoPRO - Cloud Managed Security Service Values & Benefits

features and benefits of managed cloud security service for azure, aws and gcp

Unified Threat Detection and Attack Surface Monitoring

  • Multi-tier threat detection and response to the dynamic threats on the network, application, system and user levels with automated and manual threat hunting tools.

Threat Intelligence and Attack Surface Monitoring

  • Threat intelligence gathering and attack surface monitoring to identify, mitigate and prevent the targeted and non-targeted threats on your application infrastructure. Network, application and system logs monitoring to detect and response to active threats on the application infrastructure.

Pre-Emptive Threat Response Assurance

  • Managed threat response by 24x7x365 SOC to immobilize active and non-active threats on the Web Application Firewall (WAF).

SerenoPRO - Cloud Managed Security Service Features & Capabilities

capabilities of managed cloud security services for threat detection


24x7x365 Managed Threat Detection and Response

  • 24x7x365 application security monitoring with automated threat hunting and threat intelligence gathering.
  • Managed threat response and mitigation by Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Dark web monitoring and Account Take Over (ATO) attack prevention. ** Additional service cost incurred by user accounts.
  • Incident response and threat advisory by certified Cyber Security Specialists
  • 24x7x2 hour response time


Passive Threats or Attacks

  • Sensitive Information Disclosure
  • Suspicious Digital Footprints
  • Dark Web Monitoring Alerts

Active Threats or Attacks

  • Reconnaissance and Probing Attack
  • Delivery and Attack
  • Exploitation and Installation
  • System Compromise
  • Environmental Awareness

SerenoPRO - Cloud Security Specialist Team

cloud security specialists for threat response and remediation

SerenoPRO - Cloud Security Operation Center

cloud security center

Supported Cloud Platform

Excel with SerenoPRO

“ Therefore, most companies may find adding cloud specialists to their IT teams to be prohibitively costly.”

“ Companies are turning to automation tools and solutions to perform tasks like monitoring usage patterns of resources and automated backups at predefined time periods. Cloud Security Service also help optimize the cloud for cost, governance, and security. In other words, save money and let you force in your business”

Client Testimonials

“Our work with Sereno aimed to implement Enterprise Cloud and create a framework for how it could be used with SerenoPro cloud security service, cloud monitoring service and cloud managed service. Therefore, we were very happy with the certainly experience we had with Sereno. Their expertise and know-how of their team members was truly an asset.'