About Us

Sereno Cloud Solution


We Bring Your Business Around the World


Provide a comprehensive approach yet in the simplest way to assist our valued SME customers to expand and transform their business by leveraging modern CLOUD technologies with digital innovation in order to -

  • Connect their profitable business anywhere instantly
  • Reach target and prospective customers directly
  • Offload huge amounts of complicated IT workloads swiftly and enormously
  • Reduce operation and maintenance costs dramatically and effectively

A Few Words About Us

Sereno is one of the pioneer Cloud brokerage companies in Asia Pacific. We provide the intermediary between cloud services providers and cloud consumer that assist companies in choosing the services and offerings that best suits their needs. We also assist in the deployment and integration of apps across multiple clouds or provide a choice and possible cost saving function which includes multiple competing services from a catalog.

Value added services like migration, VM portability, and API management and normalization from cloud brokerage platforms, we offer options for end users freedom to move between platforms and keep options available at a variety of cloud vendors.

Besides, advocating on innovative technology, Sereno is a highly engaged company to work with and always recognize partners' feedback and go-to-market strategy on delivering value to clients

Value Statement

We partner with our customers to ensure that they meet their business needs and focus on enabling rapid time-to-value and strong ongoing return on investment in an effort to achieve mutual success.

We work together with our technology alliances that are committed to delivering innovative cloud and security solutions to our customers. Partners are an integral component of the company and our ability to deliver highly effective solutions.


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