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Nutanix remote office special combination

Affected by the epidemic, remote work has become a new normal. Enterprise cloud computing provider Nutanix 's two solutions – the Xi Frame Virtual Desktop Service and the Beam Cloud Security Management Tool showcase their strengths in the epidemic, help all walks of life to implement flexible work-at - home mode while reducing operating costs, ensuring information security and maintenance Business is running smoothly.
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When is Public Cloud Better than Private Cloud?

Businesses looking to establish or extend their use of cloud services have some crucial decisions to make. This include whether you can go for a private cloud infrastructure or a public cloud infrastructure. But how to decide? How would you want a public cloud to a private cloud? If you consider which platform suits your needs, remember the following benefits of the public cloud.
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What is Cloud Managed Security?

Cloud Managed security providers take strategic and day-to-day oversight of your business' IT infrastructure and place everything in the care of a specialized vendor to handle everything from vulnerability and penetration monitoring to log control, network intrusion prevention and 24/7 surveillance of threats and cyber-attacks.
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