Medium Enterprise Clouds

Cloud Services and Solutions for Medium Enterprise

SerenoPRO Cloud Managed Service

SerenoPRO - Cloud Managed Service

It's including:
- IT Service Desk and Incident Management
- IT Asset and Inventory Management
- Automated Cloud Service Monitoring
- Cloud Security Service, Threat and Risk Intelligence

Most importantly we secure your
- Service availability,
- Performance,
- and Security.

managed cloud security

SerenoPRO - Cloud Managed SecOps Service

It's including:
- Vulnerability Assessment and Cyber Threat Analysis
- Application Security Monitoring with Automated Threat Intelligence Gathering
- Managed Threat Response & Mitigation by Web Application Firewall
- Incident Response and Threat Advisory


SerenoPRO - Cloud Managed DevSecOps Service 

It's including:
- Threat modelling and static code analysis
- Security testing and analysis
- 24x7 CyberSOC monitoring and respond

sereno cloud

Public Clouds

Sereno is one of the pioneer Cloud Enabler companies in Asia Pacific.  We provide the intermediary between cloud services providers and cloud consumer that assist companies in choosing the services and offerings that best suits their needs. We are distributing the following public clouds:

- Microsoft Azure


- Google Cloud Platform

- Cloudlink360 by HDS

Enterprise Private Cloud

 Enterprise Private Clouds

You have invested significantly to implement a security infrastructure that protects your employees’ privacy, your customers’ data and your company’s intellectual assets. So you need a solution that leverages your security infrastructure and that you can deploy on-premises, integrated with your existing IT stack, operating under your control.

Adhering to their requirements Sereno customers are able to decide where they want to store their data and to choose between Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud. For example, less critical data can be transferred to a public cloud, while data protection-critical files can remain in a private cloud within their own company. With the Private Cloud model, organizations can decide whether to store the files on their own enterprise servers (on-premises) or in a data center of their choice (PaaS or IaaS), We are distributing the following private cloud solutions:


- Nutanix

cloud solutions and services

Cloud Solutions and Services

A suite of clouds solutions and services enables companies to substantially reduce cost and maximize flexibility without compromise in enterprise-grade security, privacy and availability