ChatGPT Integration


ChatGPT Integration

Ignite your E-commerce, Marketing & Sales, Customer Supports to Generative AI by integrating ChatGPT

With our fine-tuning expertise, one chat response is able to increase correct outputs from 83% to 95%. By adding new data from your product each week, another reduced error rates by 50%.

GPT-3 Model


Power of AI in Marketing

Streamline your market research efforts and provide a solid foundation of audience insights to inform your marketing strategy.

Let you understand a specific audience or explore a new market, ChatGPT can help you quickly gather and synthesize a wide range of data to inform your decisions.

We customize GPT-3 for your application

We customize GPT-3 for your business application. At a high level, it involves the following steps:

  • Prepare and upload the training data based on your use cases

  • In-depth train a new fine-tuned model

  • Use the fine-tuned model and deploy to your business application


AI Response in E-Commerce

With natural language processing, ChatGPT can personalize responses to customer inquiries of specific product. Generate a response that includes information about the product’s availability and an estimated delivery date. 

Also, ChatGPT can generate personalized porduct recommendations for customers based on their browsing and purchase history.

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