Metaverse Solutions


Metaverse Solutions

We build the real metaverse with underlying blockchain technology,  create immersive user experiences, boosting the asset ownership with tokenomicsBridge your e-commerce, retail, real-time 3D event, office to the virtual worldAccessible through VR/AR, PCs, and mobile phones

Real Metaverse

We build the real metaverse with underlying blockchain technology, boosting the asset ownership with tokenomics. Also, including VR and AR technologies


Metaverse Use Cases

Ignite your business to virtual world:

  • e-commerce
  • retail
  • real-time concert, event
  • office

ChatGPT in Metaverse

Increased Immersion and Interactivity
By using GPT to create realistic and believable virtual characters and immersive experiences
GPT generates content that is tailored to the user's interests and preferences, be more personalized Metaverse experiences
Increased Accessiblity
By using GPT to create virtual assistants and other interactive characters, driving adoption of the Metaverse
chatgpt affect metaverse

Metaverse as a Service

We provide the "Metaverse as a Service" that you can bring your business to the metaverse on the fly​The actual Metaverse platform is configurable and ready to use. You just need to provide the brand logo, product details, event info that we also can do custom made for you

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