Apollo 4000 Family – Workload Optimized Architecture

HPE Apollo 4000

Density-optimized solutions for high-performance computing and Big Data

The HPE Apollo 4000 family is designed to deliver efficient rack-scale solutions for your Big Data Analytics, scale-out Software-Defined Storage (SDS), high-performance computing (HPC), Backup and Archive and other data storage-intensive workloads. With rack-scale efficiency, the HPE Apollo 4000 systems family delivers excellent business benefits:

  • Delivers just the right amount of performance and efficiency with systems that are caters to for specific workload requirements
  • Accelerates time to value by reducing implementation time
  • Provides architectural flexibility with both scale-up and scale-out solutions
  • Helps you reduce capital and operating expenditures (CAPEX and OPEX)
  • Gives you peace of mind with complete HPE service and support offerings

Typical HPE Apollo 4000 system use cases

Big Data

Cloud and mobile technologies are fueling increasing amounts of data collection and use. Organizations of all kinds are looking to mine these growing collections of unstructured Big Data to unlock the insights. They are looking for unstructured Big Data that will allow them to streamline their operations and reduce costs, target products and services more efficiently and effectively to customers who need them, and build the next-generation of products and services to satisfy unmet needs ahead of competition. To help you compete, HPE Apollo 4000 systems offer a density-optimized platform with a focus on the requirements of Big Data solutions like Hadoop, Spark, Flink, etc.

Scale-out Software-Defined Storage

Inundated with data, businesses are constantly refining their storage infrastructures to make them more efficient. SDS eliminates complexity and frees your infrastructure from the limitations of dedicated hardware.  Scale affordably and accommodate petabytes of data and beyond using HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING. More economical than legacy storage with leading performance, HPE Apollo 4200 server with Qumulo File Fabric (QF2) software forms a modern, highly scalable file storage solution.

Scale-out data center

You need to deploy additional compute power for cloud, web-based applications, web hosting, and other workloads to speed research and get to market faster, but space and resource restrictions are getting in the way. HPE Apollo systems provide a bridge from traditional to scale-out architecture, so you can achieve the power of HPC systems with the space and cost savings of density-optimized infrastructure—without disruption.


As its name implies, hyperscale is all about achieving massive scale in computing—typically for purposes of Big Data or cloud computing. Hyperscale infrastructure is designed for horizontal scalability that leads to high levels of performance, throughput, and redundancy to enable fault tolerance and high availability. HPE Apollo high-density server family is the HPE solution for hyperscale computing. Each HPE Apollo high-density server is built for the highest levels of performance and efficiency. Being density-optimized, HPE Apollo family enables organizations to achieve hyperscale within relatively small physical facilities.

HPE Apollo 4200 Specification
HPE Apollo 4510 Spec1
HPE Apollo 4510 Spec2