Sereno Cloud Desktop Service

Sereno Cloud Desktop Service can do this by giving IT powerful cloud solutions that enable them to:

  • Centrally manage and quickly provision, and de-provision, ALL of apps and data people need, including traditional Windows apps and desktops, new mobile apps,web/SaaS apps, data or files, and critical collaboration apps.
  • And enable IT to support that seamless and consistent user experience by presenting the diverse and growing number of apps, and data, to people, through a unified, enterprise app store.
  • And allow IT to build out their datacenter with the underlying networking and cloud infrastructure that provides them with a high performance, secure, and reliable network over which to deliver services to people, and gives them the automation and scale needed to rapidly deliver any IT resource as a truecloud-service.
  • And last but not least is creating that secure connection point between people and these cloud solutions. And that requires a universal client that people can use, regardless of the device or location from which their working, which connects through a network gateway to ensure secure access or a secure connection point.
Sereno Smart Manage Cloud Desktop v2
Sereno Smart Manage Cloud Desktop 2

1.Lower Cost of Maintenances

  • Reduce manpower requirements.
  • Easily upgradeable and expandable (without interrupting business).
  • Software updates and additions are done once from a central server and do not require desktop upgrades .
  • Simple procedure to replace the desktop device in case of failure

2.Better Security

  • Applications and Data are all maintained centrally.
  • Files can be prevented from being transferred to local hard drives and thumb drive
  • All user computer activities can be remotely viewed and monitored.
  • Less virus problem

3.Simplified end user experience

  • Once a user is given a logon account, they have access to all applications they need automatically without the need for a technician to configure the desktop device or user environment
  • Simplicity of "plug and go" terminals- connects the cables, turn it on, log in and start working


4.Green Computing  & Energy –Saving

  • Our Solution  -Only 5V much lower power consumer


5.Simplified maintenance and deployment

  • Apply application profile to any user instantly
  • RMA 1 by 1 with pre-restored image, shorten recovery time.


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