How to Modify the SharePoint Online Home Site

There are a number of situations where changing the home Site in SharePoint Online is necessary. We've produced a tutorial below to walk you through the procedure so you can properly alter your SharePoint Online Home Site. The SharePoint Home Site is the initial landing page that all users see when they access the intranet or SharePoint environment of your company. Links to all significant portals, resources, document repositories, chats, news, and events in your company should be included. Because of this, it is crucial to carefully plan and design your home site. Let's first learn about how to get ready for the home site change before moving on to how to modify the home site in SharePoint Online.

How to Prepare for Changing the Home Site Effectively

Before altering your home site, keep the following points in mind.

🟦 Users can modify their home site using PowerShell or the SharePoint Admin Center.

🟦 Users can only choose one site from their organization to serve as their primary SharePoint Online site.

🟦 The home site is not permitted to be linked to any hubs, however it may be registered as a hub site.

🟦 It could take as little as a few minutes to as much as two hours to apply changes.

🟦 The home site must be set up as the root site of your SharePoint environment, which is the most crucial step.

We'll show you how to reconfigure your root site in the sections below.

The Root Site Replacement Process

Before we start, a few points: The root site for SharePoint is already set to a Communication site when you first configure Microsoft 365. It will begin with [your organization name] by default. Owners of the site in your company are all global admins.

To alter the root site, complete the following steps:

🟫By selecting Admin from the app launcher on the left side of the screen, you may access the Microsoft 365 Admin center.

🟫 From the Admin centers menu in the left bar of the Microsoft 365 Admin center, select SharePoint.

🟫 Click the Active sites option in the Sites area on the left of the SharePoint Admin interface.

🟫 The URL column should be sorted alphabetically.

🟫 The first entry in that list will be the current root site.

🟫 Click the additional options ellipses at the top after choosing the root site.

🟫 Select the root site, then select "More Options" from the ellipses at the top.

🟫 Click Save

You can now modify the home site after designating the new site as the root site. Let's look at how to modify SharePoint Online's home site.

How to Modify the SharePoint Home Site

🟪Follow the directions above by going to the SharePoint Admin center.

🟪 Click on Settings

🟪 Click the site designated as the Home site from the page that appears.

🟪 Put the new site's URL in the section marked "URL of the site you want to use"

🟪 Click Save

Please take note that it can take up to 10 minutes for these changes to take effect.

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