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Unlock the Power of Your Data with Up to 5X Faster Insights

A New Approach to Database Management - Unleashing the power of your data to fuel business growth requires a change of the old guard, a challenging of the status quo. Rather than remaining stuck in the perpetual cycle of traditional, siloed and complex database platforms that require major refreshes and constant upgrades - only to fail to meet the business needs - it's time for a fresh approach.
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Citrix Workspace provides a seamless, stable and smart experience.

Citrix Workspace provides a seamless, stable and smart experience where users can access all applications, desktops, and files instantly from one easy-to-use interface across all devices. Users now have an actionable and customized view of all their processes to help coordinate, direct and automate work while IT still has the access and control that they…
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When is Public Cloud Better than Private Cloud?

Businesses looking to establish or extend their use of cloud services have some crucial decisions to make. This include whether you can go for a private cloud infrastructure or a public cloud infrastructure. But how to decide? How would you want a public cloud to a private cloud? If you consider which platform suits your needs, remember the following benefits of the public cloud.
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