Monthly Archives: June 2021

Teams Debuts a New Dashboard for Attendance Reporting

Message center notification MC260565 published on 7 June brings news about a new Attendance tab for Teams meetings details. Well, Microsoft calls it a “reporting dashboard,” but in reality, it’s just a way to take the attendance report data and present it in a nice format (Figure 1). Only a meeting organizer can see this information. The new tab is rolling out and should be available in all tenants by the end of June.
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Nutanix is the best Citrix platform

⚡Nutanix Scales Effortlessly and Consistently Begin with as few as three Nutanix nodes, then scale as rapidly or slowly as needed (i.e. one node at a time), ensuring performance consistency as more users are added. And, because each node brings the most up-to-date technology into the environment, the number of users per node (and thus…
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