Monthly Archives: December 2020

Unlock the Power of Your Data with Up to 5X Faster Insights

A New Approach to Database Management - Unleashing the power of your data to fuel business growth requires a change of the old guard, a challenging of the status quo. Rather than remaining stuck in the perpetual cycle of traditional, siloed and complex database platforms that require major refreshes and constant upgrades - only to fail to meet the business needs - it's time for a fresh approach.
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[Webinar] Transform Your Database into an Engine of Innovation

As many modern business have come to realize, traditional IT infrastructure isn't optimal for meeting the demands of databases like Microsoft SQL, Oracle, SAP HANA, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and more. And it's no surprise why - silos, low utilization, complex hypervisor environments and other drawbacks present critical challenges. Therefore, this webinar will walk you through how…
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