.NEXT 2021 Conference by Nutanix


The virtual event, titled "The Cloud on Your Terms," takes place at the same time as the company's AOS 6 platform, which includes a slew of new capabilities.


At the start of the presentation, Rajiv Mirani, CEO of Nutanix, describes the company's current position as a hyperconvergence pioneer:


“The Nutanix Cloud Platform continues to break through typical IT silos in order to simplify operations and allow clients to focus on their business priorities. We focused these new capabilities on solving the typical issues that many businesses experience in hybrid multicloud systems, such as security, disaster recovery, and virtual networking.”


In other words, Nutanix is attempting to simplify the Multi-Cloud Hybrid strategy, whether its clients use VMs or Containers, much as it did the old IT architecture from three to one layer.


However, attaining this simplicity in hybrid and multi-cloud installations is far more difficult than in 3-tier infrastructure replacements.


While Nutanix's data centers rely on infrastructure partners like SuperMicro, Lenovo, and HPE, the shift to the public cloud necessitates a different set of partnerships.


Nutanix focused on Red Hat containers, AWS and Microsoft Azure public clouds, and Citrix desktop as a service at.NEXT 2021.


Here are the five key takeaways from.


🟩 The 21 Nutanix products have been grouped into three solution categories:


🔹Cloud infrastructure refers to the items that are necessary to build a cloud (AOS, AHV, Flow, Karbon, networking and DR)


🔹 The products necessary to administer a cloud are referred to as cloud management (operations, automation, governance, cost, self-service)


🔹 Files, Objects, DBaaS / era, Frame) are examples of services.


🟩 Red Hat OpenShift replaces Nutanix HCI as the primary Kubernetes platform.


🟩 Citrix has chosen Nutanix as its preferred platform for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, and Nutanix has chosen Citrix as its preferred solution on the Nutanix platform.


🟩 Nutanix Clusters is launching a preview on Azure and increasing its AWS coverage with AWS GovCloud compatibility.


🟩 Acropolis OS improvements


The star of .Next 2021 is undoubtedly AOS with its major revision 6.0.


Nutanix has enhanced its platform with a number of new capabilities that make it easier to build software-defined data centers and implement Multi-Cloud deployments.


Customers of Nutanix now have an integrated virtual network, better disaster recovery, and easier zero trust security, which would have required additional hardware, software, and expert skills in the past.


Most importantly, all functionality is managed through a single interface, which reduces operating expenses substantially.


"The Nutanix Cloud Platforms, with AOS 6 and virtual networking and security innovations, deliver an enterprise-ready, end-to-end platform to run any application, including the most critical ones, on-premises and in the public cloud," Eric Sheppard, Research Vice President, IDC Infrastructure Platforms and Technologies Group, said. "The new features meet many of the expectations of corporate clients seeking efficiency and dependability across clouds to suit their current and future needs."


The overwhelming majority of companies have selected a hybrid Multi-Cloud strategy because it gives the most flexibility, with about 64 percent of workloads remained on-premises.


Under these circumstances, transparent management of operations in many environments becomes even more important, especially as businesses strive to expand their virtual networks across public and private clouds.


Even though Nutanix has to cope with its different foes to a significant extent, it has highly persuasive reasons, such as its NPS score of 90 and a client base of more than 20,000, and its preoccupation with simplicity represented in its one-click approach. 

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