Three Crucial Solutions for Today’s IT Organizations

To be successful, your contemporary IT department must be more visible, provide faster service, and focus more on allowing the business to extract value from data.


The modern-day issues that IT businesses confront are discussed in this article, as well as how HPE GreenLake with Nutanix may provide three critical answers.


Modern Business Challenges


When it comes to IT businesses, there is a gap between business objectives and business expectations. "Nearly nine out of ten enterprises intend to run 50 percent or more of their workloads on-premises," according to ESG study. IT departments, on the other hand, must adhere to a distinct set of guidelines: hybrid cloud infrastructure.


Do you have two systems to operate (on-premises and hybrid cloud), and your IT group is spending too much time managing specific infrastructure components? The rising popularity of cloud services is fueled by a scarcity of IT resources, and the large number of extra workloads pushes your IT teams too thin. Furthermore, there has been a scarcity of personnel or funds to support your IT department, limiting an organization's capacity to scale to meet a wide range of needs.


How HPE and Nutanix Deliver on Business Goals


For their IT departments, modern businesses must adopt a cloud-like, consumption-based approach. For your business, HPE GreenLake and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud come into play.


HPE GreenLake is a fully managed, scalable IT infrastructure solution that provides on-premises infrastructures with a cloud-like consumption paradigm. Your company may pick and select the best services for its needs, with the option to pay as you go. When more capacity is required, HPE GreenLake can be readily scaled with the added benefit of an onsite buffer.


Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is a full IT infrastructure that combines cloud agility, scalability, and simplicity with traditional on-premises security, performance, and cost predictability. It supports a wide range of application workloads, from VDI-enabled end-user computing environments to mission-critical database applications that serve as the business's backbone.


3 Key Solutions for HPE GreenLake and Nutanix


Fortunately, your company won't have to pick between the two services because HPE and Nutanix have teamed up to provide greater customer support. HPE GreenLake with Nutanix focuses on three major solutions to meet the difficulties of contemporary IT organizations:


🟣 Computing Infrastructure for End-Users: As an end-user, computing infrastructure frees up your IT professionals to focus on value-added projects by allowing you to create and maintain your VDI and DaaS infrastructures more quickly and easily. This allows your IT staff to provide users with the apps they require while also improving security.


🟣 Database Infrastructure: By improving database deployment, management, and operations, the database infrastructure consolidates different workloads into a single efficient management platform. Rapid provisioning, cloning, patching, refreshing, and backups are all possible, and the pay-as-you-go approach dramatically cuts costs by avoiding upfront capital expenditures.


🟣 Private Cloud Infrastructure: IT firms may use private cloud infrastructure to reliably provide applications and data at any scale, as well as deploy, update, and execute disaster recovery with a single click. It enables your firm to run mission-critical workloads by combining on-premise agility with the security and flexibility of a private cloud.


You must adopt an as-a-service delivery model for your contemporary IT businesses to survive. HPE GreenLake with Nutanix helps your IT staff better allocate resources to your individual lines of business, and it can handle a wide range of applications and infrastructure requirements.


Enterprises must consider efficiency as a primary focus point of their IT modernization plan to stay up with the demands of the digital age. Your company IT department may leverage HPE GreenLake with Nutanix to employ the tools they need to be successful on their own terms. HPE and Nutanix's strategic alliance has opened the road for increased operational efficiency, agility, and customer-centricity.

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