Begin developing apps for teams.

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool that millions of people use on a daily basis. You can help Teams operate more effectively and link them with even more knowledge and insights by creating unique apps for them. Here are some resources that will assist you in getting started.


What types of apps can you make with Teams?

For app development, the Microsoft Teams platform provides various expansion options. You can create the following on Teams:

🟡 Tabs that allow you to expose your entire web app within Teams so that users may view it without having to leave the app.

🟡 Conversational bots that assist individuals in doing activities. Bots are a terrific method to highlight important elements of your app to customers and act as a personal assistant, guiding them through the scenario.

🟡 Extensions for messaging to assist individuals in completing chores in a visually appealing manner. Messaging extensions are similar to bots, but they are more visually focused, making them perfect for displaying large amounts of data.

🟡 Webhooks are a way to incorporate notifications from other systems into talks.

If you already have a web or mobile app, you may integrate information from Teams into it.

Resources to help you get started designing apps for Teams.

🔸Create Microsoft Teams apps.

This is the best place to start if you prefer to study in a systematic manner and prefer to grasp concepts before diving into coding. This study route will cover the most important aspects of creating Teams apps. You’ll discover what kinds of apps you can make for Teams and how to use the tools that are available. This study route is part of the Microsoft 365 developer certification preparation.

🔸 Developer documentation for Microsoft Teams

The developer documentation is also a good place to start. It’s a comprehensive list of the many development possibilities available on the Teams platform. Everything from a high-level overview of what you can build on Teams to comprehensive specifications of the various capabilities may be found there.

🔸 Templates for team apps

Seeing what’s possible and what others have built is one approach to learn. Check out the Teams app templates if you want to be inspired, understand what’s feasible, or figure out how to execute a certain scenario. There are over 40 sample ready-to-use apps to explore, each with its own source code!

More app templates are uploaded on a regular basis, so it’s a page you should bookmark and revisit from time to time.

🔸 Microsoft Teams developer platform tutorials.

Tutorials for the Teams development platform are included in the documentation. This is a wonderful place to start if you want to get your hands dirty. There are tutorials available that show how to build apps utilizing various technologies such as Node.js and C#. Also, don’t forget to look at the code samples!

🔸 Start developing apps for Teams right now.

Microsoft 365 is used by over 250 million people, and Microsoft Teams plays an important role in their daily lives. By integrating your app with Teams, you can bring it to where your users are already spending their time and make it a part of their daily routine.

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