How Do I Change The Address Of A SharePoint Site?


To boost efficiency, every company may use Microsoft 365 products and technologies. The productivity and collaboration capabilities of Microsoft 365 may help organizations prioritize tasks and make better use of business resources. SharePoint sites aim to bring your teams together by creating dedicated collaboration areas. They include all of the features of a conventional website plus more, and the site address or URL is also an issue to consider. The site URL not only helps you discover sites quickly, but it may also give you a brief impression of the site's purposes and goals.


What modifications may I make to a website's address?


It's important to understand the types of SharePoint Sites that allow users to alter the URL. The following are examples of websites that enable users to alter their URL:


🟡 Classic Team Sites and All Communication Sites

🟡 Sites for teams that are part of a Microsoft 365 group

🟡 Sites created by modern teams that aren't part of a Microsoft 365 Group


You must be a SharePoint admin or a Global admin to alter the address of a SharePoint site. Only the site address can be changed inside the URL. This implies you can't modify the domain name or any aspect of the site's URL.


How should I prepare for the change in SharePoint site URL?


The process of changing the SharePoint site URL might take up to 10 minutes once you've completed it. The size of the site has a big role in deciding how long it takes to make the update.


The site will be read-only while you modify the SharePoint URL. It's best to make this adjustment when there's little traffic or activity on the site. Users have the ability to alter up to 100 site addresses at once. Before attempting to alter new site URLs, you must wait for any ongoing URL changes to be completed. After the process, the file permissions and sharing will remain unchanged.


Before updating the SharePoint site URL, inform users about the following factors:

🟣 Schedule time for the process

🟣 New URL

🟣 Request that everyone check the recycle bin to ensure there are no files they need.

🟣 Request that everyone close all files and refrain from editing the site during the transition.


SharePoint offers users a ton of tools for sharing and presenting information with users in your organization. One of the best tools that they offer for this is the Communication Site. Communication Sites in SharePoint Online are fantastic tools for presentations, news, company events, and more. 

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