In Microsoft 365, there are three methods to see your own Tasks


When it comes to task management in Microsoft 365, you have a number of options. For personal chores, one can utilize the To Do App, the Planner App for team work, or any of the other solutions I have talked about. But how can one keep track of all the jobs coming in from numerous sources? I'd like to describe a few methods users may roll up and see their own Tasks in Microsoft 365 in this article.



If you spend most of your time in Planner and are involved in numerous plans/projects at any same time, you may use the My Work tab to conveniently roll up tasks for yourself. You may then organize your tasks by Progress, Plan, Due Date, or Priority.


To Do App

The To Do App is another apparent alternative for seeing your own chores. The benefit of this option is that you may use it to arrange personal chores as well as roll-up tasks from Planner. In this post, I spoke about the To Do app.


Tasks Personal App

Finally, by adding a Tasks Personal App to your Teams left-sidebar, you may browse your personal Tasks in Microsoft 365. I recently wrote a lengthy essay on this topic, explaining how to add personal applications to your account that provide you a personal (non-team) version of the program. You may see the roll-up of all tasks from all the Planner plans + personal To-Do in this content by adding the Tasks App to Teams' left-sidebar. 

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