What Is Microsoft 365 Business Premium, and Why Do I Need It?

You're already well on your way to optimizing your processes and boosting productivity if you presently have a Microsoft 365 Business Basic or Standard subscription. But have you ever thought about how much more Microsoft 365 Business Premium could help you achieve?


Microsoft 365 Business Premium gives enterprises the tools they need to engage with colleagues, enhance productivity, and secures their data in easy-to-access locations. Working from anywhere at any time will provide you the assurance that your data is protected by enterprise-level security safeguards.


With the inclusion of Intune, Azure Information Protection, and Microsoft Defender, the Premium tier distinguishes itself. Companies eventually reach a point where proactive defense and protection mechanisms start to drive productivity and collaboration, providing everyone with a sense of security and increased productivity at the company level.


Not sure how all these extra features will help your company? Buckle up and let's dig in!


The five key benefits of upgrading to Business premium will be emphasized in this blog, but for a more thorough description of the features, feel free to visit Microsoft's feature breakdown on the Microsoft 365 for Business page.


Control Your Business & Personal Devices Easy.


Managing your business and personal devices securely and effectively has never been simpler thanks to Microsoft 365 Business Premium. You can now securely manage iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices through a single endpoint management portal thanks to the advent of Intune, a Mobile Device & Application Management (MDM & MAM) product.


Following are a few of Intune's salient characteristics:


🔸See comprehensive device reports, as well as create and administer policies for device configuration and compliance.

🔸Use Autopilot to configure new Windows devices.

🔸 separating business and personal apps and implementing app protection regulations

🔸 Whenever an employee leaves your firm, you can remotely remove the data from their devices (this will protect your business from data theft and extortion!).

🔸 Automatically update Windows devices with new features and security updates.

🔸 Send business apps to customers' devices.


Protecting Identity Information To Prevent Unauthorized Access To Work Data.


You are given the resources you need to secure your work data by Business Premium as well. Here is a brief rundown of some of the features:


🔹The Azure AD Conditional Access tool enables administrators to build "if-then" security rules.

Conditional access policies involve a wide range of actions, such as requiring encrypted connections or multi-factor authentication (MFA) for access to sensitive data or limiting access to specific programs based on an employee's location.

🔹 Single Sign On (SSO): SSO is a secure authentication technique that enables users to sign in to numerous other software systems using a single set of credentials. A user who uses SSO saves time by not having to remember which Password1234 they used to sign into each application they use. to log you in!

🔹 Self-Service Password Reset: With the help of this function, your team can modify or reset their password. Now Sam from Sales can easily reset his password when he loses it for the fourth time!

🔹 Windows Hello's two-factor authentication feature lets users to login into company-owned devices using a PIN, facial recognition, or a fingerprint, making the sign-in process quicker and easier.


Together with the remarkable security advantages, these capabilities also save IT and other departments a ton of time and cost, giving everyone more time to finish the work that needs to be done.


Make Cooperation & Productivity More Effective.

It's crucial to remember that you can't have a successful business without a strong team behind you.


Your business can collaborate on projects, generate ideas, monitor project progress, and have remote meetings thanks to the productivity and collaboration tools provided by Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Your company may achieve new productivity heights with the inclusion of web and desktop applications in addition to the programs and services you currently know and love, like Teams, Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint.


Your team may now take on a lot more tasks with the addition of the fully functional desktop apps:


With Business Premium, your team will spend less time juggling multiple apps, looking for misplaced files, or exchanging emails and more time getting things done.


Use Enterprise-Grade Security to Protect Against Cyber Attacks.


With Microsoft 365 Business Premium, enterprise-grade security is set by default, allowing you to unwind knowing that you and your company are safe from damaging cyberattacks. Microsoft Business Premium offers multilayer protection to shield your users, devices, applications, and data from online dangers, so you can relax.


Microsoft Defender for Office365 is a feature of Business Premium and enables you to implement a variety of email protection measures, including anti-spam, AI-powered anti-phishing, safe-attachments, safe-links, Connection Filtering, and Email Quarantine. Additionally, it offers protection outside of email for users who cooperate and share files by locating and preventing dangerous files in team websites and document repositories (SharePoint and OneDrive).


Moreover, Defender for Business, a collection of defensive technologies that were previously only accessible to large corporations, is a bonus offered by Business Premium. Defender for Business protects computers and data from spyware, malware, and other harmful programs. It provides preemptive protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and reaction capabilities. By utilizing AI machine learning and behavioral analytics to spot anomalies, isolate malicious activities, and enable proactive response, it assists enterprises in defending against complex attacks.


Protect Your Sensitive Information.


Concerned about critical business data like financials or customer records making it out of the building? We've spoken about how Business Premium shields your company from external threats, but have you thought about insider risk? If you've never given it any thought, you should! What happens if an employee copies the files to a USB drive and misplaces it, or if an employee decides to quit the company for a rival and flees with all the financial and customer data?


You don't need to worry because Information Protection is now included in Business Premium. With Microsoft 365 Business Premium's information security and data loss prevention features, you can:

Restrict who can access files or emails so that only staff members or invited visitors can use them.

Lock down access to sensitive information when a worker leaves the company.


Based on its content and context, information protection enables you to categorize and mark your sensitive data. Depending on the amount of sensitivity of your data, you can use information protection to apply encryption, access limitations, visual markers, retention regulations, etc. Also, if necessary, you can monitor and revoke access to your protected data.


Your customer care department may manage credit card information, for instance. Your clients anticipate that you will protect the privacy of their private information. What happens if a customer care representative unintentionally sends credit card data to someone who is not allowed to see it? You have broken the rules that control your sector as well as the privacy and confidence of your clients.


Data loss prevention (DLP) enables you to stop the unintentional or intentional leakage of critical information outside of your company. Data loss prevention can be used to create rules that recognize sensitive data in use, at rest, or in motion (such as in email or chat) (such as desktop apps). Additionally, you may set up responses that restrict or alert users when they attempt to communicate sensitive information with unauthorized parties.


Compliance Manager, which is part of Microsoft 365 Business Premium, may assist you in setting up your insider risk management, data loss prevention, data lifecycle management, assessment templates, and other settings. By emphasizing suggestions, compliance scores, and strategies to raise your score, Compliance Manager can save you time.


Business Premium's information protection features provide you peace of mind that you


For small and medium-sized enterprises, Microsoft 365 Business Premium offers a successful blend of security and productivity. This all-encompassing technology package is the ideal answer for businesses looking to thrive in today's modern work environment and smaller companies finally have access to an enterprise-grace features, capabilities, look, and feel! It includes features like simplified sign-in, strong cybersecurity, and remote device management.

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