Why backing up your M365 environment is very crucial

Would it surprise you to learn that Microsoft does not back up your emails?

In order to be more exact, Microsoft backs up your Office 365 environment, but the duty for protecting it is shared. In other words, Microsoft’s data centers are physically secure. They provide redundancy and replication for data storage. They will guard you against things like natural disasters that affect their data centers, their own hardware or software failing, power outages, operating system issues, etc.

You are in charge of safeguarding your data against human mistake (caused by deliberate behavior or unintentional mishaps), improperly set procedures, hackers, and viruses. It is primarily your job to protect your users and data, and if you don’t take proactive measures to do so, the assistance you receive from Microsoft in an emergency will be at best negligible.

This is why having a backup solution for your M365 system is crucial for your business.


Why is Email Backup necessary?

According to an IDC study, 60% of business-critical data is kept in email, frequently alone. What happens if a user unintentionally deletes a crucial file? Employees depart, equipment malfunctions, emails are dispersed across mailboxes, and hostile attacks are a possibility. Many businesses frequently are unable to recover their emails and data after suffering a data loss. Another possibility is that it can take days or sometimes even weeks to find a certain piece of crucial information.

It’s crucial to have a backup solution for your M365 environment in place so users can access potentially crucial data that would otherwise be lost.

With a backup system like Skykick, all backed up data (not only emails but Teams, OneDrive, and Sharepoint as well) are kept in one place, reducing the danger of loss and averting the need for time, money, and people when your IT staff needs to look up a crucial piece of data.


Benefits of a Backup

🔸It is possible to fully restore emails, including with any attachments and documents they may include.

🔸In the event that crucial company data is lost due to user deletion of emails or documents, staff departure, etc., the data is still accessible and easily searchable.

🔸Your server or devices breaking down is not a threat to your emails or data.

🔸The speed of backup and recovery drastically cuts downtime in the event of a disaster.

🔸Cost reductions. A M365 backup solution is much less expensive than the damages that result from data loss, deletion, or corruption over the long term.

🔸Compliance. Email and other M365 data can be safeguarded and preserved in a way that conforms with requirements with the help of a backup solution.


Skykick Features

By safeguarding all of your M365 data, including Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams, the Skykick backup solution provides uninterrupted productivity.


It contains:

🔹No data limits, overruns, or data trimming; unlimited data retention.

🔹Every day, multiple snapshots are taken to ensure full backups.

🔹Complete data retention in the Azure environment with all of its built-in compliance and security capabilities.

🔹There are various alternatives for bulk and individualized restores, such as entire data, granular data, and point-in-time restores.

🔹Monthly cost that is set.

How long, in the event of a ransomware attack, could your company function without access to email? How effective would you be if a mistake caused you to lose access to your documents? How much time have you wasted looking for a misplaced document or an email from a former employee? You’ll quickly realize that a simple monthly investment in an M365 backup solution really pays for itself once you have the answers to these queries.

Contact us right now to learn more about how Skykick can help you safeguard your M365 data.

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