Why IT Outsourcing have good Control & Autonomy

Independent businessmen and small business owners prefer to fall back on the concept of IT outsourcing. Letting go of power and self-sufficiency may be a challenge, but it is also the only real choice for the safety of the infrastructure.

In any company, IT workers have their work cut back on them just to keep up with daily demands. Research reveals that as many as 65 per cent of IT budgets are spent on keeping workers involved in productivity activities, such as printing issues and PCs being infected by sophisticated cyberattacks.


In the meantime, data backup and the implementation of a disaster recovery plan are critical IT operations that consume a lot of time and resources, especially when using conventional on-site strategies. In reality, it is uncommon for small or medium-sized business (SMB) to be able to afford a staff cybersecurity specialist to cope with the ever- of cybercrime.

 How IT outsourcing helps IT staff and resources

24/7 Internal Monitoring

With the support of a 24×7 operation center outsourced to a Managed Service Provider (MSP), the amount of time-consuming daily fires IT staff put out can be greatly reduced. External control of the IT system can help avoid costly software, equipment, and device failures, as well as many other business disturbances. A 24×7 IT staff does not make sense for SMBs. Round - the-clock monitoring enabled IT outsourcing to spot preventable problems in time to avoid disruption.

 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

With restricted on-site IT infrastructure, SMBs are at risk of catastrophic data loss and business disruption. With IT outsourcing to the MSP, a realistic solution can be planned and enforced to ensure that data is retrieved and that operations are easily restored following network failure or major cyberattacks.

 3 Essential Things Any MSP Should Always Have

If you are looking fora reliable IT service provider, you should be shrewd in your decision-making. Don't be swayed by fine words and promises that won't mean anything in the long run.

What you want are tangible outcomes, transparency and accountability. 

To help you out, here are some of the things that a managed service provider should provide before you consider registering with them:

 Established Ticket System

A provider can guarantee you a very personal relationship. Personal can also mean informal, however, and this may be the case. What they're doing is coming in, fixing whatever problems you've got, and leaving.

But what if the "fix" made things worse? And without any reference as to what the problem was and how it was dealt with, it's hard to see who's at fault and what happened to get to where you are now.

That is why one of the first things that you want to ask a prospective MSP is do they have a ticketing system. 

This is where the context of the IT services resides, including past and current issues. They should have resources for service requests, the tracking of recurrent and ongoing technical issues, and should be a database of everything you do in your IT environment. This way, not only do you have a personal relationship with your supplier, but also a professional one.

 Specific Contact Channels

Providers should be made clear about the platforms through which they may be reached, including specific phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and even through a new service request ticketing method.

You might question them about their communication devices, too. Do they use a business phone system with an auto-attendant so that all calls are redirected to the right department?

Do they have a messaging service that allows them to connect with clients so that they can also get support via a chat? 

An agreement should also be reached on the standard length of time before a reply is issued, a ticket is drawn up, allocated to an IT specialist and resolved.

 Regular Client Reporting

Another important thing that you want from your managed service provider is regular reports and updates on the health of your IT properties. 

Be clear that you don't want to get reports only because something's wrong. You want to have regular network and machine health test reports even though they don't indicate that anything is wrong.

So, you're sure they're routine checks on your IT facilities, and not just when you're checked them out.


With the support of an experienced Managed Services Company in ASIA, such as Sereno Clouds, you can maintain better business operations to reduce downtime and gain better peace of mind.

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