How does private cloud project succeed?

Sereno Private Cloud-in-a-Box is an integrated solution from Sereno that allows SMBs to take advantage of cost efficiency storage within Microsoft private cloud solutions in order to maximize the successful rate.

Customer Benefits:

  • Monthly subscription based model, from CAPEX to OPEX, Reduce huge amount of upfront investment
  • Evolve from virtualization to private cloud to: reduce costs, accelerate the delivery of new applications and improve IT efficiency
  • Automate application delivery through a centralized, simplified private cloud
  • Manage all tasks & workflows through a single portal powered by Windows Azure Pack
  • Common workflows are pre-configured
  • Take advantage of a reference architecture including: management, hypervisor, compute and storage components
  • The basic system is sized for current needs, yet is expandable via extra storage capacity and/or compute power
  • Private Cloud-in-a-Box simplifies the existing infrastructure

Partner Benefits:

  • Move on from product only deals to offer the integrated solutions customers really want
  • Take advantage of a private cloud solution that’s aimed at the mid-market when most of the offerings available target enterprises
  • Priced for the mid-market, Private Cloud-in-a-Box challenges the perception that SAN storage is expensive instead of cost effective storage by leveraging JBOD and SMB3.0
  • With Windows Server EOL, and Microsoft Exchange EOS, your customers will be compelled to look at entire infrastructure upgrades, not simply software
  • Microsoft are actively promoting their cloud OS (Hybrid Cloud) synergies, creating market momentum that you can leverage for new business purposes

In reality of business, it is required options and flexibility for choosing different kinds of cloud due to different concerns like as security, regulatory or scalability.  Thus, Microsoft Cloud OS can provide the consistent user experience to customers no matter in public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud.

Private Cloud-in-a-box from Sereno is an integrated solution providing a flexible, expandable and automated platform for delivering the latest Microsoft applications. It allows mid-sized enterprises to take advantage of private cloud technologies without having to invest in major new skill sets, and deploy it in just an hour.

The true utility charging model can allow customers to pay in monthly subscription and save a huge amount of one time deployment fee.

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