[Webinar] Transform Your Database into an Engine of Innovation

As many modern business have come to realize, traditional IT infrastructure isn't optimal for meeting the demands of databases like Microsoft SQL, Oracle, SAP HANA, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and more. And it's no surprise why - silos, low utilization, complex hypervisor environments and other drawbacks present critical challenges.

Therefore, this webinar will walk you through how to simplified database operations with Nutanix HCI and Nutanix Era and guide on how can make the most out of your business-critical databases.

隨著許多現代企業逐漸意識到,傳統的IT基礎架構並未能滿足Microsoft SQL,Oracle,SAP HANA,PostgreSQL,MySQL等數據庫的需求。毫無疑問,低利用率,複雜的虛擬機管理程序環境和其他缺陷帶來了嚴峻的挑戰。

因此,該網絡研討會將引導您逐步了解如何使用Nutanix HCI 及Nutanix Era簡化數據庫操作,並指導如何充分利用您的關鍵業務數據庫。



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