The global epidemic of COVID-19 has brought immense changes to certain people's day-to-day practices, including working patterns and rules. For many people around the globe and across sectors, operating from a home office is a first. So, as like new beginnings, it is hard and packed with challenges.

The obvious concerns regarding remote work are the unpreparedness of the company in terms of technology (infrastructure, security, availability, etc.), but also the lack of motivation, organization and teamwork.

There is, though, some positive news in these turbulent days. And they're coming from our sector. Cloud infrastructure might also turn out to be the salvation we've all been looking for; according to Forbes, it's already helping.

 Work safely and reliably anywhere

If you're a freelancer, it's no surprise to you that various resources require the privilege of secure and productive remote work. Cloud computing allows these possibilities to reach new levels. In other words, workers can do anything they need from anywhere and on any computer at any time. For example, with Office 365, users have a whole variety of resources at their fingertips, providing a true virtual office.

#遷移至Office 365? 該注意什麼?


The full usability to vital (and all other) online applications, utilities and software are just two of the advantages of the cloud. So it's just as open to sysadmins as it is to the majority of the staff. For cloud applications, the IT team can securely monitor logins, enforce authority-based access management, or set up real-time warnings about any unusual activity.  And so much more.

 Collaboration tools just as you need them

From an online meeting (audio, video, both) to shared documents and tools, staff can view and edit simultaneously; essentially, whatever you need to get the work done as if you were at the office, cloud systems can support you. Apps and functionalities range from simple to very sophisticated, serving demands from start-ups to enterprise. If you're not already using some of these solutions, this is the right time to step up your game.

 Company with disaster recovery options

The ability to rebound from a rapid catastrophe is a high priority for any responsible organization. The reason is very simple: any breach of data may be fatal to a business, especially to small businesses. And that's just what the bulk of cyber threats are doing. The possible horror situation only magnifies if you're operating from home, thinking like you're not going to be able to hit the IT department on time. Public Cloud services like AWS , Azure or Google offer a range of data recovery solutions to select from. Choose the correct one depending on the data form and scale and the probability of a threat.

#Why Clouds Should Be Part Of The Disaster Recovery Plan?

 Good time to using Virtual Desktop

Fleets of workers at organizations of all sizes have moved to work-at-home schemes, straining networks, cloud services and prompting increased use of VDI and new products and services from several vendors, including Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco and VMware.

Virtualization address a broad range of your business needs. It takes care of security and compliance in sectors such as healthcare, government, finance. You can have an organized flexible workforce in addition to continuing specialized workloads such as design, engineering, legacy apps etc.

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The upcoming days, weeks, probably months, will continue to bring strong and many unexpected changes to our professional world. Whatever comes, according to the industry experts, we will be looking up to the cloud, because it is good to know that technology so advanced as this one, can bring some certainty and reliability we very much crave.

Stay safe and don’t hesitate to reach out – consulting and advice are free of charge.

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