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Affected by the epidemic, remote work has become a new normal. Enterprise cloud computing provider Nutanix 's two solutions – the Xi Frame Virtual Desktop Service and the Beam Cloud Security Management Tool showcase their strengths in the epidemic, help all walks of life to implement flexible work-at - home mode while reducing operating costs, ensuring information security and maintenance Business is running smoothly.

 Xi Frame: Virtual desktop ready for use in 1 hour

According to the government’s HK$500 million "Distant Business Initiative" (D-Biz) covering information technology solutions, Nutanix virtual desktop service Xi Frame and cloud security management tool Beam are items 8 and 11 of remote business information respectively A list of scientific and technological solutions. Qualified enterprises adopting the above solutions may apply for funding. Yang Junfei, Managing Director of Nutanix Hong Kong and Taiwan, said that traditional desktop virtualization infrastructure (VDI) deployment takes a long time, and there are certain restrictions on cost, management and user experience, which affects efficiency. If an employee connects to the company network via a VPN at home, the employee can move the data to any desired device, increasing the risk of leakage of company data.


● Nutanix Xi Frame is a one-click virtual desktop service that can execute high-load applications such as Autodesk and Adobe, flexible and smooth.

 High efficiency in cross-platform meeting collaboration

Nutanix Xi Frame is a cloud-based virtual work environment. It is simple and easy to use. It can be set up and the virtual desktop can be activated within an hour at the earliest. No matter employees, customers or partners, they can reliably access work through any device anytime, anywhere Desktop, file and network. Xi Frame can also implement data protection functions, such as prohibiting downloading or printing documents, to dispel all security concerns.

 Nutanix Virtual Desktop Service Xi Frame

1. Easy to use, any platform can be used

2. Can execute high-load applications such as Autodesk

3. Free for the first month, unlimited users

4. Quickly implemented within 1 hour

 Automatically monitor cloud security and expenses

Today, enterprises use cloud services extensively, but lack supervision and control. Yang Junfei pointed out that in a multi-cloud environment, it is prone to over-provisioning cloud resources, leaving a lot of unencrypted data. If it is not controlled, the consequences will be very serious. Nutanix Beam is a hybrid cloud governance solution that allows companies to gain complete visibility, optimization, and control of cloud consumption, thereby ensuring cost and security control in a cross-cloud environment. Beam uses more than 500 automatic audit checks to identify cloud security vulnerabilities and meet compliance requirements, such as HIPAA, PCIDSS, NIST, etc. Beam can also generate prediction models based on historical expenditure data, plan budgets, and strictly control cloud resources from being monitored.

 Nutanix cloud security management tool Beam

1. Support AWS and Azure, cloud resources and security status at a glance

2. One-click repair, significantly reducing cloud management costs

3. Automatic compliance checks such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIST, etc.

4. In-depth visibility analysis to predict cloud consumption patterns in detail

Nutanix remote

● Nutanix Beam is a hybrid cloud governance solution that can automatically identify cloud security vulnerabilities and make cloud spending clear at a glance.

Free trial flexible plan

To help enterprises face the unstable epidemic situation and operating environment, Nutanix provides Xi Frame with a 30-day free trial and Beam free trial for 14 days, so that users can purchase after the experience. At the same time, the company provides a flexible fee plan, even if it takes a short period of one or two months, to cater to the transitional arrangements of enterprises in response to the epidemic situation. Yang Junfei emphasized that Nutanix uses the one-click, flexible billing model to convert the huge capital expenditure (CAPEX) to operating expenses (OPEX) in the past, and can also flexibly expand or reduce the scale of use according to your needs and budget, and always maintain business. Operation.

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