Nutanix desktop-as-a-service – Xi Frame

Nutanix, the enterprise cloud company, said yesterday its desktop-as-a-service product, Xi Frame, is now available in South Africa. It’s a secure platform that delivers Windows and Linux apps to desktops on any device that supports HTML 5.

Customers will be able to deliver applications and desktops to clients from any location provided via the public cloud or hosted within their Nutanix data center.

Paul Ruinaard, Nutanix Regional Sales Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, said that the cloud is becoming increasingly relevant as customers move away from home to work (WFH).

 Why you need XiFrame

"Nutanix has seen an increasing demand from local customers, as a result of a global health pandemic, for an enterprise-grade WFH solution to support a remote desktop environment that can be quickly rolled out and scaled on the fly.

"It's going to be very difficult for businesses to put the home-based genius back in the bottle, which has driven the need for virtual workspaces that can integrate securely and seamlessly with their data, applications and storage environments."

Ruinaard says that while it would have been nice to have a product when the lockdown started in South Africa, work from home trend is now firmly entrenched, and has driven the need for virtual workspaces that can be safely integrated with company data , applications and storage environments.

 What can XiFrame do?

Xi Frame is available locally on-site, or through Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, and customers can use their own cloud and/or Nutanix HCI infrastructure, depending on their specific virtual desktop infrastructure needs.

Using the platform's analytical tools, usage and administrative actions can be monitored and costs can be controlled by optimizing the elastic scaling parameters. Customers can pay as they go on the basis of actual service consumption, says Ruina

According to local Nutanix CIO Craigh Stuart, many companies have not been able to move to work from home as quickly as they would have liked.

"They would still follow the traditional route of adding VPNs. One day, you 're in the office, and then two or three days later, you need to be able to provide a solution that enables thousands of your employees to work safely from home.

Xi Frame has a number of security features, including non-persistent VMs, data segregation, local and remote data movement controls, and log audits. It complies with safety standards, including SOC 2 Types 1 and 2, SOC 3, ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018.

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